13 feb 2019

KERABEN GRUPO, S.A.U. joints to the effort to upgrade the environment surround

Ambicoat will develop new surface coatings that will allow upgrade the interior of buildings

Nowadays, the estimation of the Indoor environment contamination existing is from two to five times greater than the outdoor, which can affect the health status of people. To fight it, many Indoors purifying Innovative technologies has been arisen, capable of reducing the effects of many harmful pollutants.

Among those, the formaldehyde is one that has awaken a higher interest during the last years, due its impact in indoor environment, producing tissue irritation when it comes in direct contact  with it and can have harmful effects on people's health because of its toxicity.

Formaldehyde is a volatile organic compound (VOC) that behaves at room temperature as a colorless gas. It is used in various industrial processes related to the manufacture of varnishes, paints, glues, fabric sizing, preservatives in cosmetics and several utilities that surround us on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, we can find it in our homes and places of work in walls, floors, drawers and cabinets, in our clothes, and in multiple products that gradually emit this substance, increasing its concentration in the interior environment.

Currently, there are decontaminating solutions based on TiO2, which are not efficient in indoor environments, nor specifically for this type of compounds.

Once again, KERABEN GRUPO, S.A.U. joints to the effort of the human being to upgrade the environment surround us. This time, we are participating in AMBICOAT Project: Development of based on organometallic compounds coatings for the improvement of air quality in indoor environments.

The Project has been co-funded by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities (Spain) within the call “Retos Colaboración 2017”, file number RTC-2017-6428-5, and it is framed in the Challenge nº 5 “Action on climate change and efficiency in the use of resources and raw materials" and for its execution a 6 partner consortium has been formed: the Universitat de València (ICMOL, MatCo) will take charge to synthesize organometallic compounds (MOFs) and to start a new company (Spin-off) to supply MOFs to the industrial partners; The Plastics Technology Centre “AIMPLAS” will develop the Dispersion method of MOFs in liquid resins, also with the collaboration of OMAR COATINGS and PECTRO (both companies) that will formulate different coatings for different applications: floors, furnishings, decorative painting, composites and ceramics. AIMPLAS and ITC (also a Technology Centre), will apply the coatings. Finally, KERABEN GRUPO, S.A.U. will validate all developments in real demonstrators, in which ITC will measure the degradation of formaldehyde of the photocatalytic coatings designed in the project.

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