11 nov 2021

New features on Metropol’s 3D online design tool

The new product features that were presented at Cersaie 2021 are now available on our 3D online design tool.

Take a moment to look at the tool and learn how you can quickly create settings to show your customers the full range of ceramic material by Metropol, along with an extensive catalogue of modern accessories for decorating the spaces.

Plus, it’s VERY easy to use!

Simply follow these three easy steps to get a lifelike image of what the space will look like:

1. Select your preferred Metropol material and accessories to create the space.

2. Draw the plan using the real dimensions and footprint of the project.

3. Place the elements chosen in Step 1 into your plan.

After completing these three steps we will send you an email containing a photorealistic image of the space and a PDF summary of the materials used, the measurements, and the quantities you will need, all of which can be used as a guide for installers and helps to rule out any potential problems.

Start adding value to your quotations right now!

Because Metropol wants to make your life easier.



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