10 oct 2016

Metropol showcases its trendiest tiles at Cersaie 2016

The size war is no longer fought out only on the fashion field. At some time and another we have all wished that gorgeous tile was just a little larger, or a little smaller...

Just a few days ago, Metropol presented its latest range of porcelain tiles under the “Convenient Large” name, featuring 150x75, 150x37 and 150x24.8 tile formats available in the Track and Woodtime collections.

To add to this, culminating this new line of products, it has launched the biggest decorative tiles on the market, measuring 150x37. Thanks to their relief patterns, textures and shade variation, they are all set to play a starring role in architectural and interior design projects.

What is more, Metropol has come up with new textures, finishes and colours for the coming season. To present its latest products, Metropol takes you on a journey, with the watchwords on harmony, sensuality, elegance and a touch of audacity, from the hippest of cities to an idyllic heaven.

One special highlight among its latest additions is the new Soft finish, with a lappato matt appearance and super sleekly feel, available in the new Spatula collection.


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