22 jul 2016

Antislip Shoeless Technology: new Outdoor with an Extra-Silky Texture.

Keraben Grupo has launched the new ANTISLIP SHOELESS TECHNOLOGY, a new improved version of anti-slip porcelain tiles with a roughness that is imperceptible to the touch.

The new technology, developed in-house by Keraben Group’s Department of R&D and Innovation, incorporates an anti-slip finish for outdoor use with an extra-silky texture. This meets the necessary technical requirements for anti-slip flooring, without the limitations of finishes with an unpleasant rough feel which very quickly pick up dirt.

Distinguishing features:

  • Available in the same colours as other finishes, so that continuity can be achieved between floor surfaces with tiles in a natural finish and others with Anti-Slip Shoeless Technology
  • Because they have such a low level of roughness, they are easy to clean and care for.
  • Thanks to their silky texture, they are more pleasant to the touch than other anti-slip tiles.
  • Their properties are long lasting.
  • Their slip resistance is rated as C3 | R10 | A+B
  • Their properties have been tested and confirmed by the Institute for Ceramic Technology (the ITC in Spanish), hence guaranteeing the quality of the end product.


All the group’s collections will gradually incorporate this new technology in their anti-slip products. The collections that already feature it are:

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