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Boutiques, a charming bar for sipping a glass of fine wine, and the reception of a hotel are just some of the new settings dreamt up by Keraben Group’s interior design team to present its collections to brilliant effect. The trade-fair-like stand created in Keraben Group’s showroom constitutes a whole new approach to showroom displays, with settings conceived to reproduce specific places or living spaces. Directed at the interior design and architectural markets, they have been designed with attention to the finest of details. In total, the stand features 44 different settings covering a surface area of 1,000 m2, showcasing the latest products developed by the company.


The PRIORAT collection welcomes visitors to the area reserved for Keraben’s tile collections.  By combining the field tile and Modul Priorat model in a natural shade of colour with the Muro Priorat model, the interior design team has recreated a modern denim jean boutique, able to draw all eyes. Rounding off the area for the Keraben range is a trendsetting bathroom, where watering cans replace showers, flooring blocks and planks serve as vanity units, and metal buckets act as basins, perfect for drawing even further attention to the attractions of Priorat’s wall tiles. Thanks to its technical properties (resistance, durability, and slip, frost and ice resistance), Priorat is ideal for places subject to high traffic.

The MADEIRA collection by Keraben is a hit success. Its warm wood appearance, colours and grainy pattern bring a cosy feel to living spaces of all kinds. Now it also features wall tiles in a glossy finish. As you stroll around this cool boutique, you can see the collection on its walls and floors. It can even be combined with other collections to further emphasize its inherent charm.

The bedroom, the place where time stands still and the whole world changes colour. Keraben Group’s interior design team wanted to infuse it with a distinctive personality by choosing 30x90 wall tiles from the FUTURE collection.


COVENT emulates an exquisite, distinctive, fine-layered new generation of slate, improving on this stone’s rich beauty thanks to the tiles’ resistance, high quality and shade variation.  On this occasion, the interior design team recreated a hotel reception in a marvellous volumetric study that emphasizes the highpoints of this collection.

The MURMURI collection by Metropol can be compared with a gentle murmur. Inspired by stone from the Persian mountaintops, this series helps to create a unique restful effect, perfect for bathrooms as recommended by Metropol.

MUST is an ideal all-rounder in interior design. A basic collection able to fit in with all personalities and styles, its two basic colours and wide range of décors can be used to advantageous effect in all living spaces. On this occasion, it has been used on the walls of a comfortable looking kitchen that invites you to take refuge in its sophisticated relaxing interior. To create this atmosphere, Metropol’s interior design team combined different basic tile models with others with a touch of colour or relief pattern.

CASAINFINITA The kitchen is the nerve centre of many homes. For its design, an exquisite combination was chosen. Inspired by ancient oaks, AUTUMN is used on the floor up to the central isle. To round off the design, wall tiles from the same collection were chosen also in a wood finish, combined with the rest of the décor. Thanks to the collection’s resistance and versatility, it is used up to the adjoining terrace to achieve a sense of continuity.

Like a work of art, the industrially inspired Leeds collection is perfect for settings that make a strong, authentic-looking visual impact. When tile design is elevated to an art, it can only be represented in the form of a museum. This is how the LEEDS collection is presented at the stand of Keraben Group’s showroom.





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