03 feb 2017

New standard on ceramic tile installation

This is the first Spanish Technical Standard that specifies how ceramic tiles should be laid to guarantee their quality, durability and technical and aesthetic properties. The UNE 138002 standard has been prepared and approved by the leading associations and companies in the sector, including Keraben Grupo.

After a year-and-a-half of work, the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification (AENOR) has published the UNE 138002 standard which specifies good practices for installing ceramic tiles.

This is the first Spanish Technical Standard to provide all the details that should be taken into account to guarantee the quality, durability and technical and aesthetic properties of ceramic tiles. The standard covers the whole process, from the requirements for materials, adhesives and grouts to the cleaning and maintenance of the finished products once they have been laid.

In drawing up the Standard, the UNE referred to a Technical Standardization Committee (CTN 138). This Committee included all the main players in the sector, including tile installation professionals, the public administration, professional associations, technology institutes, certification bodies, manufacturers of industrial mortars, grouting material, profiles, machinery and insulation, and the manufacturers and distributors of ceramic tiles.

Ricardo Martínez, the Quality and Environment Manager of Keraben Grupo, also took part in this Committee on behalf of the ceramic tile group. “The standard covers all the aspects that should be taken into account in relation to ceramic tiles, such as their requirements, preparation, installation and maintenance,” he remarked. “This will help us to address the pathologies and poor practices that occasionally happen during the installation of the products on site, which all of us hope will result in satisfied clients.”

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